Blogging to make yourself accountable…

I’ve been a bit slack again recently. I did Hell Week towards the end of July and kept going fairly well for the following week, but then I went on holiday and didn’t work out for a while.

Got back on it last week though. Even went to the park early in the morning to train and it felt amazing. Today I had a fairly easy workout:

5x Hanging Knee Raises
10x Burpee Squat Jumps
Interval (Upper Body, Abs): 4 rounds of 8x Pushups, 5s Pullup Hold, 10x Plank Leg Lifts, 60sec rest
2/4 Poseidon
100m Sprint

Quite enjoyed it. Wasn’t outside so replaced the sprint with 50 High Knees.

I’m still pretty limited in the number of pull-ups I can do, so I also had to replace the pull-ups in Poseidon with assisted pull-ups. I’m wondering if I’ll ever get properly good at pull-ups. Thought I’d mastered them, but I still can’t do more than a few in a row.

Going to try and keep going this week, which is partly why I’m writing this blog – to make me accountable in some way. I find that if I write about training, I’m spurred on to do it. And because comments from readers always give me a boost 🙂

However, I can feel a cold coming on – the result of camping in the wind and rain this weekend – so I’ll see how I feel.


Blogging to make yourself accountable…

2 thoughts on “Blogging to make yourself accountable…

  1. Hi. That’s great. Never give up. Remember, No Excuses 😉

    Don’t worry about not being able to do many pull ups in a row. Just divide the series into sub series. So If Poseidon has 20 pull ups, just break it down and do 5 or 2 (what ever number you can manage), take a break for a few seconds, then do some more, take another break, until you’ve reached the total amount. Replacing with assisted pull ups is also a good idea. Good job. You’ll notice that over time you’ll be able to do more reps.


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