It’s just common sense, right?

I happened across a video on YouTube today by this guy who runs an account called MacroLean. It was a fairly stinging take down of The Body Coach, especially ‘healthy fats’ and his assertion that 15 minute HIIT sessions will get you a body like an Adonis.

It’s so hard to know who to believe these days. Should you count calories? Should you not bother? What can you eat and what can’t you eat? Gym or bodyweight.

I watched a couple of his other videos, including a take-down of Slimming World, which a few of my friends have done and got good results.

By then I could feel myself going into a rabbit hole, so I went and made a roast dinner.

To be honest, I can’t be bothered to count calories. I think as long as you eat mainly whole foods and not processed crap, and you don’t overeat, you’ll lose weight/get lean. Combine that with strength exercises and cardio and you’re onto a winner.

But I know next to nothing about all that. Only what I read or watch on the internet.

In other news, went for a swim today. First time in ages. Also did Freeletics on Friday and felt great afterwards. Had a few people comment on me ‘looking good’ recently, which feels nice 🙂

It’s just common sense, right?

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