A week off, but a swim every day…

I’ve been away from home on a work trip this last week. I’d been pretty good on Freeletics since the new year, working out at least 4 times a week. I’d been feeling good.

It’s so true that exercising gives you energy rather than saps your energy. Working out in the morning have me fuel for the whole day.

Also, Coach had given me OH-Push-ups and I’ve been getting better at them. Also, I’ve been practicing my assisted pullups.

Anyway, I arrive in my AirBnB for the trip, and it says on the app that there’s a pool and a gym. Cool.

I was expecting the pool to be tiny and unloved. Instead it was at least 20m and perfectly clear.

I swam every morning, at least 30 lengths, sometimes 40. I could feel it was working on my shoulders and legs. In fact my whole body. I swam fast and without stopping.

So I didn’t do Freeletics at all. Oh well. How often do you have access to a completely empty private pool for a week. Got to make use of it. Back on it this week.

A week off, but a swim every day…

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