Sundays in your thirties…

Photo by Artem Verbo on Unsplash (this is not me in the photo btw)

Sunday again. Yesterday I was out of town for work all day and only arrived back late. My boyfriend was out drinking and wanted me to join him, but I was exhausted and headed to bed.

I was thankful of that this morning. I’m in my late 30s now, and the feeling of waking up fresh on a Sunday is beginning to seriously outweigh the fun of getting drunk. This morning, I woke up at 8am, read for an hour and then did Freeletics.

16 Sprawls
2 Pikes

Conditioning: Upper Body, Abs
3 rounds of…
10 Assisted Pull-ups
15 Pushups
30sec Superman Hold
15 Hanging Leg Raises

4/10 Gaia

Firstly, I do find it amusing when Coach assigns you to do 2 or 1 of something, so those Pikes were over quickly…

I enjoyed the conditioning. For some reason it feels like Coach has been focussing more on my lower body recently, so it was nice to do a proper upper body workout.

My new Freeletics resistance band means I can now do Assisted Pull-ups at home. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know how hard I find pull-ups, but the band is actually making it feel possible that I might be able to master them one day. I can still only do 5 or 6 Assisted Pull-ups without needing a break though.

Also, hanging leg raises are tough.

To have finished my workout by 10am felt amazing. A far cry from the dry-mouthed, fuzzy-head Sundays of years gone by.

I also did about half an hour of cycling to and from my boyfriend’s house, and went for a swim. Go me.

The pool was really quiet. When it’s not so busy I find it much easier to get into a flow. And I’m noticing how much my endurance has increased. When I first took up swimming again a few years ago I could barely do two lengths without needing a break. Today I did a full 24 lengths with no break.

There is only lane swimming at my local pool for 45 minutes on a Sunday, so I can’t hang around. And recently I decided to add another 2 lengths every time I go, so I’ll need to start working much harder.

I felt like I deserved that roast dinner and a film tonight.

Sundays in your thirties…

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