Freeletics Nutrition Coach Review

I’ve been flirting for ages with the Freeletics nutrition coach. It’s been sitting there on my phone, and those weekly Freeletics emails keep prompting me to subscribe. But something has been holding me back. 
The recipes I could see for free didn’t grab me. They seemed a bit worthy. They didn’t use ingredients I usually cook with (even when I’m eating healthily). I kind of knew that if I tried the coach, I wouldn’t stick to it, because the recipes hadn’t grabbed me.

And I love my food. I want it to taste good. I want to be able to batch cook. These recipes didn’t seem to work like that.

But even though I’ve been working out regularly, I still have a bit of fat I’d like to lose. So today I finally succumbed to the marketing and bought a subscription.

And it’s fair to say I am pretty unimpressed. So unimpressed that I’ve requested a refund from Apple.

I don’t see it as sustainable. It’s so carb light that I know I wouldn’t stick to it. One dinner was 2 carrots, some orange, cashews, raisins, olives. One dinner was just hummus and green pepper. FOR DINNER. And when the recipes aren’t overly simple/minimal, they’re complex and overthought. 

It seems so geared towards losing weight that it’s not about shifting a dietary attitude, it can only be a short term thing. 

As I’ve written about before, my friends and boyfriend are doing Slimming World, and I’ve read Joe Wicks’ books. Both have a much more sensible approach to nutrition. Balance, not denying yourself too much but make sure you’re not overdoing the carbs, alcohol and sugar.  

So, I’m afraid it’s a no from me. I’ll be making some more simple adjustments to nutrition and be using Joe Wicks’ approach. Sorry guys.

Freeletics Nutrition Coach Review

2 thoughts on “Freeletics Nutrition Coach Review

  1. James says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been considering the nutrition coach for a while too because I really rate their bodyweight app. The nutrition app isn’t getting deleted now though and I’m getting on to amazon to buy the wicks book! Thanks again.


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