An aborted run…


I’m away from home again. My hotel is right across from a big park. Perfect for trying Freeletics Running, I thought to myself.

So I set off yesterday for my first run. Now, I don’t really run. I get out of breath very quickly. It just doesn’t really suit me.

But actually, my first run seemed pretty easy. I did ‘Bastet’. It basically goes:

100m then 2 min rest
200m then 3 min rest
400m then 5 min rest
200m then 3 min rest
400m then 5 min rest
200m then 3 min rest

It was quite straightforward. However, I got to the final 200m and my phone died. Sometimes I hate iPhones. I left the hotel with 50% battery. In my rest parts, when I was walking through the park I browsed the internet – nothing massive. By the time I was half way through I was at 33% and then it just shut off. Grr. So I didn’t actually finish the run.

I did notice that I didn’t get that horrible sick feeling I usually get when I run – I think it’s because I took it at a sensible pace and the rests were spaced about right. Also it was a great head-clearer, and the fresh air was good… maybe I’m being converted (pah, after 1 run!)

Going to give it another go tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I’ve been swimming in the pool every morning, which feels good.




An aborted run…

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