Is May too late to think about your summer body?!


It’s May, and summer is around the corner. Time to put some effort in for that summer body. Even though I kind of object to that term. But still. It’d be nice to look good on the beach.

I’ve had a bit of a break – no reason apart from laziness. Too many nights going for post-work drinks, which not only means I don’t exercise in the evening (and am more likely to eat pasta for dinner!), it means I’m also less likely to get up early with a clear head after a good night’s sleep and head to the park.

I know that alcohol is the single biggest reason I don’t exercise. If I drink (even one or two drinks), my sleep isn’t good quality, I wake up groggy and I end up drinking tea in bed and scrolling through the internet on my phone for too long.

My challenge is that I work with my friends, and my job involves a lot of socialising in the evening. Most nights of the week, someone is bound to suggest going to the pub after we finish at the office, or there’ll be some event or other. It’s also much more difficult when the sun’s out.

So I’ve been trying to be really strict with myself. I try to decline, or make plans after work that don’t involve drinking. And where possible, I exercise in the morning, so that at least I’ve got it out of the way first thing. That feels so good.

But Coach 2.0 is really helping. The workouts are shorter, but no less taxing. I’m much more likely to haul myself out of bed in the morning and do a Freeletics session if I know that the whole thing isn’t going to take longer than 30 minutes, including warm-up and stretching. I really like knowing what part of my body is being exercised each day. And it all feels more efficient and clean.

Overall I’ve noticed more people refer to me as being in really good physical shape. I know my body looks more in proportion, that I have more stamina and commitment in lots of different areas. Freeletics works.

I’m going to start taking progress photos more regularly. Every week. Here’s where I am versus week 1, which is now over a year ago.

Here’s to Summer 2017!



Is May too late to think about your summer body?!

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