Hell, um, Month…

Hell Week has become Hell Month. I’ve been away, and then have been really busy, so it’s been next to impossible to do the full Hell Week back to back. (and yes yes, I know #noexcuses).

But now I’m nearly done. It’s been pretty tough. I’ve done the whole thing in a funny order, fitting in what I can when I can. And this week I’ve done a workout pretty much every day, plus a swim on Sunday.

Yesterday was Kentauros strength, which was pretty hard, but which I did much faster than I thought I would. I have to say doing Burpee Deepfrogs in new trainers on slightly wet tarmac is hard; I slipped over more than once. Today my glutes and the backs of my thighs really ache.

I now have only Artemis and some burpees to do and then I’m done. I’m hoping to get these done before Saturday so I can start next week on a new coach week (and with the new coach!)

I’ve also been really trying to focus on form over times. It feels much better to know I’ve done things properly than just got through them quickly. And I can also feel myself improving more quickly.

Finally, I saw a video of me from before I did freeletics, and really noticed how I’ve put on muscle since I started. My legs aren’t as skinny, I have much more definition on my upper body and stronger shoulders. Nice.

Hell, um, Month…

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