A Change of Daily Routine

Photo: David Mao, from Unsplash

Despite all my enthusiasm and renewed energy at the beginning of the year, I’m finding January really hard. I’m sleeping lots, feeling tired (work is also quite full on at the moment), and finding the motivation to exercise is really low.

I last did proper workouts nearly a week ago. I’ve still been cycling to work, and I did my first yoga class last week (more on that later), but Freeletics has been a really struggle.

Today I did 50 jumping pull-ups and 50 burpees, which is one part of a day that Coach has given me this week.

So here’s the thing. I think I need to make some routine changes. First, here are the problems…

  1. I never work out in the morning, but when I do, I feel amazing
  2. I’m always too hungry to work out after work

Here’s why I think these things are happening (bear with me on this)

I try and be in bed by 10:30pm, but then I often don’t go to sleep until about 11.30pm, which means that to get eight hours sleep I don’t wake up until 7.30am. I like to have a cup of tea in bed, check the news, plan the day. Which means I’m not usually in the shower until 8.30am, and then it’s a rush to get to have breakfast and get to work for 9.30am. And ideally I’d like to be there at 9am.

I tend to eat porridge/fruit or yoghurt/granola for breakfast and something light for lunch (salad, sandwich etc), so by the time it gets to 5.30pm, I’m starving and just want to finish work, go home and cook dinner.

So at either end of the day, I don’t have the energy / time / desire to exercise.

Now the solutions.

  1. Go to bed earlier. Lights out by 11pm.
  2. Get up at 7am
  3. Spend less time drinking tea and looking at the internet in the morning
  4. Work out in the morning
  5. Eat a big breakfast and a bigger lunch

Then I can relax in the evening, or do other fitness stuff, having completed my Freeletics workout.

Which brings me on to… Yoga!

I did my first class last week. I’m doing Iyengar, which involves a lot of held poses, rather than yoga with ‘flow’. I enjoyed the discipline of holding stretches and poses, and I felt great afterwards.

Also, I was really surprised with how much Freeletics had improved my ability to hold the poses and my general flexibility. I’ll definitely be going back.

Tell me – what’s your routine? When do you work out?

A Change of Daily Routine

2 thoughts on “A Change of Daily Routine

  1. KP says:

    I feel your struggle… January is rough. Seems like “winter-mode” has set in and everything is just harder to motivate for. So you’re not alone there!

    I’m definitely a morning workout person. Let me clarify… I’m NOT a morning person, I’m a morning WORKOUT person ;). In an ideal world I would stay up until 1am and sleep until 10am. But I have kids, a job, and life just isn’t that convenient. So by kicking my ass a little bit in the morning I get my workout done and not surprisingly, I feel great for the rest of the day (and I feel psyched I got my workout in). I learned early on way before Freeletics, that if I wait until later in the day, I find the excuses start popping up as well as the possibilities of external forces interfering with my workout plans.

    So I go to bed a little earlier than I normally might (10:30pm). Sometimes if I’m doing a FL Running app workout, I’ll get up at (gulp) 5am to try and bang it out. But most of the time, I’ll get up around 6:15am, get kids ready, eat something small (yogurt w/ fruit, or banana and a handful of my kids cereal) and have coffee (required). I drive them to school and then when I get back I go immediately into my warmup and workout. Sometimes, I’ll even put all of my workout clothes on so I’m totally ready to go. No excuses. The less variables I introduce into the equation, the better.

    Full disclosure, I work at home which puts me at an advantage for this schedule. But if you go to bed even 30 mins earlier, and maybe replace your current morning routine a couple (few?) days a week and instead of lounging in bed, get up slightly earlier and bang out your workout, you’ll feel pretty badass. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing either. You can commit to it a couple of days while giving yourself your usual morning routine the other days. I’m incredibly envious of that routine by the way. I don’t get 60 minutes to myself… ever.

    The mornings you do work out, if you’ve got time to eat something light before your workout, that would be ideal. But then your body may need something a little more substantial after your workout – so don’t feel too guilty if you then eat again. I have another breakfast after my workout in the morning… usually poached eggs a piece of toast and more coffee 😉

    Tried to find you for a follow but don’t see your profile anywhere. If you need some motivation (I could use some too!), my profile is linked in my comment profile URL here.



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