Burpees: how can I pick up the speed?

I’ve been selecting “cardio and strength” for my Freeletics workouts for the past few weeks, as I felt the strength algorithm was becoming a little repetitive. 

And while it’s certainly getting my heart rate up, I’m becoming a bit tired of the endless burpees. 

Yesterday I had 175 burpees to do alongside 2x Krios.

I’m a big believer in eating the frog first (the maxim that if you eat a frog for breakfast every morning, nothing else could be worse for the rest of the day; in other words, do the thing you least want to do first), so I started with the burpees.

God, they’re boring, and exhausting. I didn’t beat a PB on any of them. I hadn’t eaten much beforehand and my energy wasn’t that high, so they were a real struggle.

I pushed through and did them all, plus 2xKrios. I was fucking shattered by the end. 

Even though they’re boring, I can just feel how good burpees are. They really do work loads of muscles. But I just don’t know how to pick the speed up. I can’t break my PBs. Basically, I can’t do more than 10 a minute. And I see that loads of people I follow on the app are way faster than that.

So – any tips?! Or do I just need to push myself harder?

Burpees: how can I pick up the speed?

One thought on “Burpees: how can I pick up the speed?

  1. I probably do them slower than you, but here is how I progressed.
    I do them by chunk of “1 minute” and I try to progressively do more and more of them in this minute.

    For example, at the beginning, I was doing 5 per minute. I was doing 5 and then rested until the minute was complete. I did 100 in 20 minutes.
    Then, I tried to do it in 19 minutes. (15 series x 6 + 2 series x 5)
    Then, I tried to do it in 18 minutes.
    And so on.

    You’re able to do 10 per minute. That’s 10 series x 10.
    To keep improving, you need either to:
    – Do more per minute (for example, 9 series x 11 + 1 series x 12)
    – Take less rest, i.e. instead of 10 per minute, try 10 in 58 seconds. You should gain 20 seconds down the line.

    Also, remember that with burpees it’s mostly in the head.

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