My 2017 Freeletics Bucket List.


Jashca Huisman via Unsplash


My last post was about the things I’ve learned from a year of doing Freeletics. So today I thought I’d look ahead to the next year, as I have no intention of stopping!

It’s interesting reading my very first post about how I was never really sporty when I was a kid. It just didn’t occur to me. I was happier reading books and playing musical instruments. Now I can’t imagine not exercising.

When I started Freeletics I was doing it in some £3 shorts from Primark and an old t-shirt. Now I own Freeletics wear running tights and tops, gloves, and various other bits and pieces. It’s really become part of my life.

Over the next year I want to crack running. It still doesn’t feel completely natural to me, and I can never get the pacing quite right. I get out of breath really quickly. I’m a good sprinter (I used to do 100m sprints at school), but longer runs tire me out.

I also want to master my nemesis, the pull-up. Last night I was watching a couple of Freeletics transformation videos on YouTube and seeing people master it looks so satisfying. I’m just not quite there yet.

I also want to unlock some more skills on the app. It might be over-ambitious to say I’m going to unlock all of them, but I’d like to at least unlock OH Pushups and Pistol Squats. I probably need to sort the pull-ups out first before tackling Toes-to-Bar and Muscleups.

And finally, I’m going to continue working on my nutrition and on cutting back on alcohol. It makes me feel so good, and it makes a real difference.


My 2017 Freeletics Bucket List.

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