Back in the gym

To be honest it’s fucking freezing outside. Sudden temperature drop for bonfire night. And so it was either do 2×2 Kentauros inside (and I keep getting paranoid that my jumps are pissing off my landlord who lives downstairs) or head to the gym. Gym it was. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I find 2×2 Kentauros much harder).

I’ve been cycling a lot this week, so I wasn’t feeling like I particularly needed to exercise my legs, also I was a bit tired, so I only did 20m of lunge walks and burpee frogs instead of 40m. I was still exhausted.

After it was done, I did loads of stretching which felt really good. Especially since I did 50 correct-form jumping pull-ups earlier this week so I was acheing a bit.

And then the week was complete. I selected 5 workout days next week and confirmed my suspicion that coach is a bit kinder on you if you work out every day. This is what next week looks like…


A quick observation from being in the gym. Freeletics really does work out your whole body. You can tell people who go to the gym lots and lift weights… their bodies are all out of proportion. Freeletics gives you an overall level of fitness and tone that I just don’t think you can get in the gym.

Back in the gym

2 thoughts on “Back in the gym

  1. I think you can get a well proportioned body at the gym if you follow a workout plan similar to what Freeletics does (i.e. a mix of all kinds of exercise).
    Now, a common issue is that people don’t work legs as much as they should because it’s boring, less sexy, and maybe even harder (at least in my case, I feel legs exercises are mostly in the head; by the way, I’m sure you could’ve done the entire Kentauros).
    When I train outside, there are people who do “street workouts”. Mostly dips, pushups, handstands and pullups. When you look from far away, you think it’s very similar to freeletics (bodyweight exercises). But they almost never do legs exercises. So they’re not well proportioned.

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