Second Kronos in a week…

Maybe I’m rethinking my dislike of Kronos. I had my second Kronos of the week today. I was knackered after a long day, and it was just the ticket. The endorphin rush at the end gave me the little energy spurt I needed.

I think the thing I like about Kronos is that it works out your whole body, and more than any other workout, you can really feel the results. It works your abs (sit-ups, squats), your arms and chest (press-ups and pull-ups) and your core (leg-levers). Although having to do each exercise all in one block rather than split across sets is pretty tough.

I’m not looking forward to how my thighs are going to feel tomorrow though… Think I might need to invest in a foam roller…

Second Kronos in a week…

2 thoughts on “Second Kronos in a week…

  1. Hey man!

    I just read your blog entirely from the beginning. Nice journey you’ve been on! What’s your Freeletics nickname to follow you?

    I have the same issue as you when it comes to pushups and pullups. My arms are just weak, and this has been my greatest weakness so far. After reading your blog, I think it would be good to make it a regular practice to do pushups and jumping pullups as extras.

    About nutrition: With a friend I met in a Freeletics group, we’ve been doing this: We’re both allowed 2 cheat meals in the week (we send each other pictures of every meals we eat). Any cheat meal above this means we BOTH have do to 50 burpees (that we call burpunishments). I may have done something like 2,000 burpunishments over the last few months (especially because of summer vacation), and I can tell you there a lot easier than they used to 🙂 And my nutrition is far better too!

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