Kronos: OUCH

15684e3b79b2e21a16997f3b62d9578eI did my first Kronos almost a week ago and I still hurt. Jeez, that work-out is surely one of the toughest of the lot.

There’s something about having to do the full number of each exercise in one go rather than it being split into reps. It really pushes you.

Here’s the breakdown of what Kronos puts you through:

100 Pushups
200 Situps
300 Squats
200 Straight Leg Lever
100 Pullups

I completed it in 01:03:48. The sense of achievement when I finished was amazing.

The thing is, it’s not too unpleasant (there are no burpees for a start!) and once you get into the swing of each exercise it’s not too bad. I found the sit-ups the easiest, followed by Pushups, Squats, Straight Leg Lever and then the pull-ups the hardest.

I didn’t do the pull-ups with correct form. I still can’t (although the daily jumping pull-ups are making them feel a little more possible at some point in the future).

What’s great about Kronos is that it works out your arms, chest, legs and abs all at the same time. And damn, I could feel it for the next couple of days. Walking down stairs after 300 squats was pretty painful.

And then yesterday, after a few days off and a swim on Saturday (which was really tough as my legs and arms were so tired!) I did the horror that is 3x Metis (Strength). Ugh. Was hard and I was a bit hungover and tired, so didn’t come close to beating my PB.

About half way through, when I knew I wasn’t going to beat my PB, I almost gave up, but there’s something that switches in my brain when I’m over 50% done – it suddenly seems so much more manageable, and I think about how I’d feel if I stopped, so I manage to power through.

All of this, combined with a load of cycling around town meant that I slept very well last night!

Meanwhile, friends I haven’t seen for a while are regularly commenting on the change in my physique. And I’m feeling stronger than I ever have.



Kronos: OUCH

How do you do your burpees?


photo: YouTube
I had a revelation today. After quite a few weeks doing burpees as part of Freeletics, in the middle of doing 3x Metis, I suddenly thought ‘Am I doing this all wrong?’
I can do the first few moves, down to plank position and then… Maybe I’ve been taking it too easy?

You see, I didn’t realise you could do it in the following ways: a strict push-up, a push-up from the knees, or not a push-up at all (i.e., just push yourself up from the ground as you would if you weren’t working out).

I’ve been doing the push-up from the knees. I did the rest of Metis with strict push-ups, and boy did it slow me down. And I certainly felt it in my arms at the end.

When I checked the Freeletics video after my workout it seems that they recommend the push-up from the knee. So maybe I’ve been doing it right all along.  Although if I want to work on my arms and chest, maybe those strict push-ups are a good idea.

How do you do your burpees?

How do you do your burpees?

Mastering the pull-up

I’ve always been skinny. The only reason I started Freeletics is because I was getting a little beer belly. My arms have never had much muscle to them. My dad used to say my muscles were like “knots in cotton”. Thanks Dad.

So pull-ups have always alluded me. I just don’t have the strength to lift my body weight. Physically can’t do it.

You may remember a few weeks back I had to abort the 50 pull-ups Coach had given me.

I’m determined to master them. I feel stronger from my 12 or so weeks on Freeletics, but I need to pay more attention to shoulders, chest and arms of I’m to get those pull-ups down.

So I’ve decided to do 10 every day. Starting with jumping pull-ups for a couple of weeks and then working to proper ones. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Mastering the pull-up

JackKnives: like, wtf…

Saturday morning. Peeled myself out of bed and checked Coach. Nemesis (Strength). Oof.

Turns out it doesn’t take too long. I completed it in less than 30mins. And probably could have done it quicker.

And it’s also pretty simple. 5 sets of JackKnives and Froggers. JackKnives start at 50, then 40, 30, 20, 10, and the Froggers do that in reverse.

Unless you’re super flexible, you’ll probably look at the video of JackKnives, and think, YEAH RIGHT.

And you’d be right to think that. They’re fucking hard. I can get my legs up pretty easy, but getting my torso to do the same is impossible. And it makes your abs burn. Feels good in a weird way though.

So I kind of did them, in crap form, but I didn’t chicken out. And I did the Froggers with good form.

But God knows how to do JackKnives properly. Reckon that’ll need practice.

Meanwhile, I also did 10 pull-ups. I still find them really, really hard. Almost impossible. Have decided to do that every day to try and get better. My skinny arms just can’t pull my body weight. But I WILL get there!


Oh, and I also downloaded the Freeletics Gym app. Have decided not to do that too. I want to see through the body weight app. And there’s something about lifting weights that doesn’t feel quite right for me… Looks cool though, and nice design. 



JackKnives: like, wtf…