Getting lost less than a mile away from your house… Week 6: Day 1

Today was my first Atlas. 

Hadn’t done a run before using the app. In fact, um, I’ve never actually been for a run. I’ve run on a treadmill, but for some reason running in the REAL WORLD was much harder.

Also – and correct me if I’ve missed something – but you can’t track distance on the app when you’re in a workout. So I set off not really knowing where I was going and how far I was running. If I hadn’t got a bit lost, I would have come in at almost exactly at 2km. As I did a bit of a detour, it was actually 2.8km. Wonder how my time would have been without that extra 800m…

But since my workout, I found where you can plot runs and work out distance. Quite useful.

Anyway, 2km run was okay, and it cleared my head after work. The rest was surprisingly straightforward. Even the burpees were okay.

I’m still feeling a bit of lower back pain. I’m doing more stretches, including some yoga, but it’s still there. I even went to an osteopath. She seemed to think it was “a bit tight”. It’s not debilitating, and is probably because I haven’t used my core like this for ages. But it’s niggling.

Day 2 is Kentaurous. <crying emoji>.

Getting lost less than a mile away from your house… Week 6: Day 1

3 thoughts on “Getting lost less than a mile away from your house… Week 6: Day 1

  1. Carmel DeAmicis says:

    Just binge read everything you’ve written so far. At this point I’m just experimenting with the free version of freeletics and I stupidly started with Aphrodite two days ago, way over my head. I finished it — albeit badly — and I’m dying of soreness still.

    It’s interesting reading about your ramp up with the coach. Good luck with the rest of week 6 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading!

      Apparently one of the easier ones to start with is Metis.

      Highly recommend the Coach. It gives you structure and helps you stick at it. Partly because it fools you into thinking there’s a real human scheduling your workouts, and partly cos you’ve paid £25 for it!

      Good luck. Let me know how you get on!


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